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Sanskrit word 'Arya' or 'Aryam' stands for nobility. Let us implore everyone to become noble, the Arya or Aryam. Christians, Muslims, Hindus or Jews, communists or capitalists, rich or poor, clever or dumb, weak, meek or bully. Uncomfortable perhaps are they with other, threatening peace. Ray of hope for the world is ‘include-all’ ideas of ancient Indian wisdom popularly known as Hinduism. Only they knew how to celebrate individuality of each person. Aryas respect ideas of others, respect way of worship of others, help others and become a noble citizen of this wide and varied world. Idea behind this blog is to bring out those ideas and help each of us become better than what we are. 'N' in the 'Aryan', by the way, was a mistake made by colonial 'experts' who wanted to underplay and undermine the culture and religion of those who they clandestinely enslaved.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Onam – Maha Bali – Vaman – Vaman Jayanti, A look beyond usual narration. The Real History has more dimensions

Part 1: Onam: Benevolent king cheated and tricked by jealous gods. Is something amiss in the currently popularized version of the story?

Part 2: Onam story, its currently popular common narration

Part 3: Real (or more complete) history, decodes the puzzle

Part 4: Real Onam deciphered

Part 5: If the popular Onam story has been unfair and it defies logic, why does it continue to remain in the current narration?

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