Let us become nobler

Sanskrit word 'Arya' or 'Aryam' stands for nobility. Let us implore everyone to become noble, the Arya or Aryam. Christians, Muslims, Hindus or Jews, communists or capitalists, rich or poor, clever or dumb, weak, meek or bully. Uncomfortable perhaps are they with other, threatening peace. Ray of hope for the world is ‘include-all’ ideas of ancient Indian wisdom popularly known as Hinduism. Only they knew how to celebrate individuality of each person. Aryas respect ideas of others, respect way of worship of others, help others and become a noble citizen of this wide and varied world. Idea behind this blog is to bring out those ideas and help each of us become better than what we are. 'N' in the 'Aryan', by the way, was a mistake made by colonial 'experts' who wanted to underplay and undermine the culture and religion of those who they clandestinely enslaved.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Gun Island, Novel by Amitav Ghosh

Interesting read. Amazing info and connections between Sunderbans and Italian city of Venice. Bengali Indians, Bangladeshis, Venice, Cicily, Egypt, Banduq, And Refugees, what not, Wow. Not sure, if everything true, but it is certainly somewhat on lines of  Dan Brown's Dan Vinci and other books. Author calls it a Novel, so it must be, or??? As if just on cue, today is 31st January 2020, it rained heavily in Blaine, WA.... and when I woke up from sleep, my kitchen in the cottage was flooded...there were tens of black insects moving around on the floor around my bed, flower-bed bugs kind. OMG. I called up my realtor, who sent across a team of 3 huge hispanic workers with tools to get rid of water and look into the incident. Problem was not small. He was good enough to ask me to shift to a next door empty house also belongung to the same landlord till he resolves the curious flooding and assult of worms. Thinking of flooding in Sunderbans, I was looking out of the window, at the sea in front, not exactly like a mangrove but not even unlike. 

Friday, January 17, 2020

Another Good Read. Illustrated Mahabharata, Edited by and Contributor:Debroy, Bibek

Excellent collection of illustrations from various countries of the world who at one time followed, Hinduism. Perhaps some unwarranted and editor's imagined ideas of criticism of Kunti and Pandavas could have been avoided, but it is okay as a lot of similar sentiments are already prevalent due to leftist-ideologues. Overall a great book.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

New Book, A good Read: "Rise and Kill First" by Ronen Bergman

A good read, The book “Rise and Kill First” is the first book of its kind on secret operations of Mossad and other Israeli Defence/Espionage/Targeted Killing etc.  Starting from early years of formation of Israel till the famous Dubai operation of 2010 (Al Bustan Rotana Hotel), the writer Ronen Bergman has covered several episodes.

It shows, foresight, resolve, clear idea about who the enemy is, effort, will, patience, dedication, desperation, fear, danger, Government, opposition, management and total secrecy required in  accomplishment of assignments.

Interesting info, CIA was not always cooperating with Mossad prior to 9/11terrorist attack on USA. But from that day onwards, it opened up totally to Mossad.

It also shows how much care a democratic countries take in ensuring that innocent civilians, women and children do not end up as collateral losses.

With suicide bombers multiplying their attacks on Israel, They needed to put a stop on Suicide bombers. They were desperately looking to kill potential suicide bomber and idealogues of Suicide-Jehadis. Israeli constitution, International human rights rules or rules of any democratic country does not allow extra judicial killing. They needed a strong legal opinion on this issue. The lawyers gave a logic, that worked admirably for them.The Suicide bombing stopped in its track because Israel killed the entire supply chain of bombers. The logic was simple. In 2001, 18th January, a top secret legal opinion was submitted to Israeli PM. “If someone comes to kill you, rise up early and kill him first” (The Babylonian Talmud. Tractate Sanhedrin. Portion 72, Verse 1)

While reading above, I remembered that in Sanskrit texts,
“the people who (1) administering poison; (2) setting fire to another’s home; (3) stealing; (4) occupying another’s land; (5) kidnapping another’s wife; and (6) attacking with a deadly weapon are known as Atatayi. Such aggressors, or criminals (atatayi), say Vedic texts, should be killed by the protectors of the righteous.”

“Manu-Samhita 8.350–1 says: “Whether he be a teacher . . . an old man, a much learned Brahmin or child or lady, if comes as a criminal (atatayi) in any of the above six ways, a Kshatriya should kill him. . . . There is no sin in killing one so heartless.” “In fact, Hindu
tradition asserts that “such a criminal is in reality killing himself by his
own outrageous behavior.” “(Quotes curtsey “Essential Hinduism” by Steven J. Rosen)

A trivia: The daredevil Assassins of Mossad were members of a group named as Caesarea. Curiously, Hindu dare-devil acts of fighters are known as “Doing Kesariya”. (Kesariya Pronounced same as Hebrew Caesarea) 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

दुबई की कहानी………..बा ऊर्मिला बेन की कलम से (३० मे २००४)

दुबई की कहानी………..बा ऊर्मिला बेन की कलम से (३० मे २००४)
Story of Dubai Penned by Grandma Urmila Ben (Urmila M Shukla)
30 May, 2004   (Born 4 March 1933 Died 8 November 2017)
----    ---- ----

सुनाता हुं तुझे तेरी कहानी,          अब सुन तू दुबाई
तुझे पता भी न होगा, कितनी शोहरत  तूने है कमाई

यहां    के मौसम    की बात ही  कुछ और है
लाती ठंड हवा का झोंका, क्षण में गर्म-गर्म लपटें भी है

कभी बारीश की आहट तो कहीं बादल घनघोर
कभी   धूप की   अन-हद तपन    की मार

कभी   हवा की   तेज रफ्तार   रेत ऊडालाती
कभी ठंडे ठंडे शबनम से पेड-पौधो को नहलाती

रेत के ढेरों में  बडे-बडे जंगल खडे किये है
हरियाली चारों और, फूल-पौधे खुब खिले है

कारों  की कर्कश  शोर से ऊब  गया था इन्सान
पक्षियों की किलकिलाहट से अब नाच रहा इन्सान

अजगर जैसे ब्रीज ने खूब फैलाकर डाले है अपने डेरे
नीचे-ऊपर   रंगबिरंगी तितलियां  सी भागती कारे

क्या होटेलों की शान है, मस्जिदे बेमिसाल है
चौराहे-चौराहे   पर ईबादत की पुकार  है

मंदिर-चर्च में प्रेयर की लंबी कतारों में दीखते हिन्दु-ईसाई
कहीं फूलों की महेक, घंटो की सुरीली आवाजें देती सुनाई

सब तरफ खजूर के पेड खूब सुहाते है
हर  तरफ रस्तों  की रौनक बढाते है

खजूर  के प्यार  में बनवाई बिल्डिंग  ऊसकी शक्ल मे
डाली-पत्तों की जगह बिल्डिंगो ने ली, वैसा बनाया द्विप मे
जैसा  लेटा है  पेड, अकेला-एक  नमुना अपने आप मे

केबल-कार की सवारी छोटे-बडों को खूब भा गई है
जैसे  पानी-गगन के बीच में भागता उडन-खटोला है
जहां नजर पडे सोने-चांदी सी चमकती बिल्डिंगे है

है बडा कुटुंब-कबीला तुम सात भाईओं (7-ईमारात) का
तुम में बडा है अबुधाबी, बोलबाला  है पेट्रोल-डिझल का
चौबीस-केरेट गहनों से लदा है दुबाई, तेरा गोल्ड-सुक
जग में कौन नही जानता, शारजाह, शौकिया क्रिकेट का

बिल्डिंगो  की दौडती रफ्तार को  कौन लगाये मीटर ?
कोई फैली लम्बी कतारों में कोई जाने को बावरी चांद पर

शीशे की लिफ्ट  लगातार रात-दिन  दौडा ही करती
ओढ  लीया है  चोला सेवा का, तो कैसे रोक सकती
सोने-चांदी  के बेल-बूटों   से नजर ही नही  हटती
शेख-साहूकार की विला बडी होटेलों को भी शरमाती

गोल्फ चाहकों के लीये रेत में हरियाली बिखेरी है
ऊंट   की रेस   के आप चाहक  बेमिसाल हो

नाव के आकार की  बिल्डिंग में होटेल  बनवाई
नावमें घूमते रहेने की अपनी यादें ताजी करवाई

बुढा हो गया  ट्रेड-सेन्टर, जवानी  में था ऊसका बोलबाला
बडी ईमारतों में भूल सा गया एतीसलात का चमकता गोला

रातको दोस्तों की महेफिलें जमती है होटेलों में
हुक्के की दौड रहती एक हाथ से दूसरे हाथ में

जग में सब से  बडा शोपींग-मॉल  बनाने का है ऐलान
तेरी ही जमी पे होगा सब से ऊंचा बहुत मंझीला मकान

मेले में सारे जहाॅं के लोग चीजों की  नुमाईश करते है
रंगीन लाईट और गुब्बारों से तुझे दुल्हे जैसा सजाते है
फटाकों   का नजारा    देखते ही      बनता है
जैसे  गगन के  सितारें भी  जमीन पर आ जाते  है

दिन   दुगनी  रात चौगुनी    बढती रहे तेरी   शोहरत
तेरी छांव में रहे खुश हर जग के बाशींदे, रहेगी यही चाहत

अब  तो तेरा  रुतबा, क्या  कहेना माशाअल्लाह
अब हम विदा लेते है, कह के सब को इन्शाअल्लाह

----    ---- ----

Thursday, June 23, 2016

0- Kailash, Kathmandu and Kashi, A story of Shiva and Me.

Kailash, Kathmandu and Kashi, A story of Shiva and Me.

(A decade ago after a trip to Tibet, Nepal and India, I wrote down my impressions. It was not meant to be a book, however after it was read by some, it was suggested that if it gets published, interested persons can use it. However I thought (and still think) that the narration was more of a personal quest into Bhagavan Shiva and that it may not interest a wider audience. Therefore instead of commercially publishing it, I thought of placing it on a website of Publishing house Harper Collins’s website known as Authonomy.com. It remained on their website for people to review my narration for many years as “Kailash, Kathmandu and Kashi, a story of Shiva and me”. However, last year, when Harper Collins shutdown Authonomy.com and I realized that some people still wanted to read my account, I decided to place all 26 chapters of that travelogue on this blog. Reader views and comments are welcome)

0          Table of Content



2          He Died, He Simply Died Without So Much As a Whisper


3          Bhagavan Shiva, Is He a Simple God ? Or a Perplexing One?


4          Hindu Idea of God, Gods and More Gods


5          Shiva-Puran, Ancient Text of Shiva-Stories / Digression into Quran / Back to Shiva-Puran / Shiva – Parvati Romance / Digression into Bible / Back to Shiva-Parvati


6          Shiva-Linga ‘Unmanufactured’ Entity Shiva-Linga / Shiva-Raatri or Maha-Shiva-Raatri: A Unique Festival


7          Mount Kailash Geography, History / Sacred to Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs and Bons / Best Time to Visit Mount Kailash

8          Kathmandu, First Camp / Swayambhu Temple, Signature of Nepal / Budha Nilakanth: Bhagavan Vishnu on Serpentine Bed / Boudha Nath Stupa, World’s Biggest Buddhist Temple / Patan-Lalitpur, Home of Fine Arts / Darbar Square and Kumarika Temple / Pashu-Pati-Nath Temple / History of Pashu-Pati-Nath Temple


9          Nepal – Tibet Border Towns Kodari and Zangmu, Friendship Bridge



10        Nyalam, Town for Acclimatization with Thin Air And Lack Of Oxygen


11        Saga, Town with Army HQ, Medical Clinic and Shower-Shops / Feeding Dead to Birds, Zoroastrian Tradition in Tibet


12        Town of Paryang, Ibex Skulls, Bones and Horns


13        Manasarovar or Manas-Sarovar: First-Dip on West-Shore / Dream Miracle / Great King Mandhata, First Emperor 5500BC / Ashwamegh or Rajasuya Yagna – Campaign for Human Upliftment / Sage Dalabhya, My ancestor: Doctor Surgeon Philosopher

14        Rakshas Taal - Demon Lake of Raavana-Fame


15        Darchen, The Base Camp for Mount Kailash / Stree-Rajya: Government by Women / Mount Nandi, Ashta-Pada and Jain Connection / Tears Miracle


16        Mount Kailash Day 1 Derapuk / Yama-Dwaar (Death-Door) ! ! / Fire Accident and a Brave Sherpa / Darshan Miracle: Bhagavan Shiva and Mata Parvati


17        Mount Kailash Day 2, Zuthulpuk / Shraavani-Purnima: Holy Thread and Raakhi / Trek Begins, Day 2 Around Kailash / Gauri Kund


18        Kailash Trek Day 3


19        Manasarovar Once Again; Opposite Shore / Miraculous Reverberations


20        Return Journey – Quest Continues


21        Nepal - India Border Towns Bhairahawa – Sanauli


22        Gorakh-Pur (Goraksh-Pur) / Gita-Press Gorakh-Pur – Humble Slap on Charity-Mongering! / Goraksh-Nath (Gorakh-Nath) Temple


23        Kashi (Varanasi) / King Divodas / Kashi-Vishwa-Nath Temple, Ghats and Ganga-Aarti / Durga Mata Mandir, (Monkey temple) / Tulasi Manas Mandir (Saint Tulasi Das Temple) / Sankat Mochan Mandir (Hanumaan Temple) / Benaras Hindu University Campus, ‘Island of Tranquility’ / Modern Kashi-Vishwa-Nath Mandir / Kaal-Bhairav Mandir, Fanatic Aurangzeb Terrified ? / Ramakrishna Mission Home of Service / Pandaas, Rituals Performers-Record Keepers: A Vanishing Tribe


24        Saranath, “Saranga-Nath” the Protector of Peacock / National Emblems: Ashok Chakra and 4 – Lions / Sacred to Buddhists and Jains


25        Born, Anew / Bhagavan Shiva, No More Perplexing / You Are What You Think /

Method of God Contemplation: Art of Becoming a Better Being


26        In Conclusion / In Acknowledgement / In Confession / In Miracles / In Recommendations / Pre-Trip / During Trip / After Trip