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Sanskrit word 'Arya' or 'Aryam' stands for nobility. Let us implore everyone to become noble, the Arya or Aryam. Christians, Muslims, Hindus or Jews, communists or capitalists, rich or poor, clever or dumb, weak, meek or bully. Uncomfortable perhaps are they with other, threatening peace. Ray of hope for the world is ‘include-all’ ideas of ancient Indian wisdom popularly known as Hinduism. Only they knew how to celebrate individuality of each person. Aryas respect ideas of others, respect way of worship of others, help others and become a noble citizen of this wide and varied world. Idea behind this blog is to bring out those ideas and help each of us become better than what we are. 'N' in the 'Aryan', by the way, was a mistake made by colonial 'experts' who wanted to underplay and undermine the culture and religion of those who they clandestinely enslaved.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Book "Saraswati's Children": Alan Machado (Prabhu)

History of Manglorean Christians is attempted to be unearthed by the author. Seems to be an admiral effort. Book is rich with quotes from authoritative ancient documents. Book was published in 2002, however I chanced to see it only recently. Author has referred to injustice and atrocitiies unleashed on Christians by Tipu sultan and other Muslim kings.

Hindu Sarasvat Brahmin were converted by Portuguese and others into Christianity. However they retain pride of being from the 'Sarasvat' stock and hence this title of the book. Hindu Goddess Sarasvati is a Goddess of Knowledge and fine arts, the adjective 'Sarasvat' (meaning follower of knowledge Goddess) lends them a some sort of respect.


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Hi Nilesh. Do Tony know where will can find this book?

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